Blog Note: Sidebar Features Peace Corps Blog Directory

As Colony Magazine’s blog “The Advanced Ape” continues to develop, its sidebar will also grow. If you have a blog that deals with international travel or development work and would like to see it added to our sidebar, please send us an email with your URL and a brief description of your site. (In return, we would appreciate you linking to our blog as well!)

In the meantime, we encourage our readers to check out the the World Wide Peace Corps Blog Directory which is on our sidebar. The site compiles several Peace Corps volunteer blogs from throughout the world and even has an alert system that notifies visitors of the most recently updated sites.

Considering the technical limitations many PCVs have during their service, most of the blogs seem quite up-to-date with current posts.

If you know of a PCV blog that is not part of the directory and should be, please notify us about it. “The Advanced Ape” will check out the site and if it’s appropriate, link it to our own sidebar.

In the meantime, you will see this blog develop more and grow. Link recommendations, guest bloggers (or those willing to serve as part of our team of regular bloggers/writers) are welcome!

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