Editor’s Pick: palabras sin fronteras

Every once in a while we’ll showcase a blog that has caught our interest in the hopes that it will catch our readers’ interest as well.

While getting wonderfully lost in the World Wide Peace Corps Blog Directory (seen on the sidebar), I stumbled across this gem from the Dominican Republic: palabras sin fronteras (also added to our sidebar).

Warning: Do not start to read this blog unless you have time to spare because if you’re like me, once you start, you may not stop.

Written by a self-described “non returnable Peace Corps volunteer,” the unique thing about “palabras” is that it goes beyond the simple recording of a typical day-in-the-life-of a PCV. It’s written in a romanticized and magical style reminiscent of great writers such as Salmon Rushdie.

In fact, this blogger can make a mention of “explosive diarrhea” (an unfortunate reality all former and current Peace Corps volunteers are familiar with), sound like an excerpt from a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel – or at least artfully and humorously connect the two:

When the viajita died, her children commenced to cry a flood of tears, inundating the only bridge out of town, leaving them isolated in their mourning, from the velorio to the funeral 9 days later. It was like something out of a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel. I wish I had so eloquent a way to describe having 9 days of explosive diarrhea while the latrine’s flooded.

Written in small, but very poetic paragraphs, each dedicated to its own story about life in the Dominican Republic through the eyes of one Peace Corps volunteer, “palabras” makes for an addicting read.

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