Blogging from a Blackboard in Monrovia

Chalk board news in Monrovia, originally uploaded by

Word has spread throughout the blogsphere about Alfred Sirleaf, a roadside “blogger” in Monrovia who reads a handful of newspapers everyday and summarizes the most important stories on his blackboard.

From Rebecca’s Pocket:

He puts up a painted “Breaking News” sign to signal a big story, he has recruited a set of stringers to send him scoops via text messages, and he’s designed a system of symbols to convey the news to those who can’t read. “I try to write it really clear and simple so people can read it far away, even if they are driving by. I like to write the way people talk so they can understand it well. You got to reach the common man.”

White African (a blog you all should check out and read regularly) also has a fantastic post on Sirleaf with photos and a video to accompany the story.

The NYT also interviewed Sirleaf in 2006. The article can be found here.

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