Links Worth Checking Out – Editor’s Picks

Apologies for the lack of commentary in this post. Today and tomorrow are incredibly busy days for me. (I’ll be attending the Florida Conference for Women tomorrow and if you will be there as well, I’d love to meet and chat a bit!) However, in the meantime, I would like to leave readers with three worthy links that I recommend you all check out until I can add more on Wednesday:

BlogHer, an online community designed to help female bloggers connect with each other and gain exposure for their own blogs, has announced the 2009 International BlogHer Scholarship winners. Do check out these inspiring blogs and bloggers here.

Mother’s Day was yesterday and to correspond with the holiday, Save the Children compiled a Mother’s Index which ranks the best and worst countries to be a mother. A partial list of country placements and the full report can be accessed here.

NEED Magazine has a pretty succint motto: We are not out to save the world but to tell the stories of those who are. While digital issues are available online, the magazine also has a blog with some powerful photos to accompany the posts. NEED Magazine’s main Web site is here and it’s blog can be found here.

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