Why ‘Colony’ Magazine?

We at Colony Magazine have gotten a lot of feedback about our name, mostly negative, so below is an explanation.

The practice and ideology of colonization, and the subsequent aftermath caused by the era of post-colonialism, are now so steeped in anguish and loathing that one would have to be crazy to start a publication called Colony Magazine. Yet with the help of a few of my friends, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

When you think of the word “colony,” one idea immediately leaps to mind – one country under the political, and often cultural, control of another for the purpose of economic exploitation. But a colony is much more that that, when you dare to dig deeper into other meanings and indeed other realities. A colony is a place where like minded people eat, sleep, work and play together. And indeed, Colony Magazine aims to bring together those of us who are of one mind about our role on this planet – that we are all one people regardless of our nationality, race, sex, gender, age, class or status. In a biological sense, a “colony” is a community of one type of species living together. Is not earth then, a colony of sorts for us, the advanced ape? Not a colony, but THE colony of the human race, as we have yet to find a viable alternative to the blue marble we call home.

The word “colony” derives from the Latin colere, meaning to cultivate, farm, inhabit, practice, tend, respect. A far cry from the modern rendering of colonization and the draconian laws and decimated populations left in its wake. We at Colony Magazine (are we then colonials? Certainly not colonizers!) strive to cultivate those we meet (those not ready to join the Colony) by enriching them with our own cross – cultural experiences to which we bear witness, proof of the oneness that nations, races, sexes and classes take such pains to obscure.

Colony Magazine searches for voices that cannot speak, to tell stories never told, to circumvent the state centric and mass media point of view by providing alternate channels of expression, utilizing the greatest untapped resource of our planet – those of us who journey though live with open eyes and hearts. We see this earth that we inhabit as a home for all of us, and we tend to its people, animals and plants with equality and respect and we guard, knowing that we are all one. We, a network of global citizens who share knowledge, talent and resources for the betterment of humanity, we are ColonyMagazine . So we are no longer left with the question “Why Colony Magazine?” but rather, “Are you in the Colony?”

Our vision statement: To share stories of leadership, courage and compassion from all parts of the world, particularly inaccessible regions and marginalized communities, to connect visionaries with skilled storytellers, to bring the idea of universal human oneness to a broader audience, to inspire readers to reach out to those outside of their own boundaries, to use images, words and technology to cross cultures, to create a network of globally minded citizens.

Damian Wampler – Founder/CEO


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