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Running for Water Wells in Africa

May 20, 2009

They say World War III will not be about differences in political ideology, or about religion; nor will it be about who has nuclear weapons and who does not. The next world war will be a war about resources, specifically water.

The issue of water is an international concern spanning India, Central Asia, Africa and several other countries the world over. It’s even an issue in my own state.

In an effort to increase awareness of the water situation, particularly in Africa, a new documentary is to be soon released chronicling the journey of three marathon runners from three different countries as they jog across the Sahara. The goal of their monumental run is to raise awareness and funds for water projects throughout Africa.

During their course the runners spend time in local villages located along their route where they often share a jog with village kids and talk with locals about the water situation in their region.

Check out this VOA piece previewing the soon-to-be-aired program.

Here’s the official site.